Die Feinheit des Edelmetalls


999.999 (six nines fine) The purest gold ever produced. Refined by the Perth Mint in 1957.[3][4]
999.99 (five nines fine) The purest type of gold currently produced; the Royal Canadian Mint regularly produces commemorative

coins in this fineness
999.9 (four nines fine) E.g., ordinary Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and American Buffalo coins
999 (24 karat, also occasionally known as three nines fine) e.g., Chinese Panda coins
995 The minimum allowed in Good Delivery gold bars
990 (two nines fine)
986 (Ducat fineness) Formerly used by Venetian and Holy Roman Empire mints; still in use in Austria and Hungary
958.3 (23 karat)
916 (22 karat) Historically the most widely used fineness for gold bullion coins; currently used for British Sovereigns, 

South African Krugerrands and American Gold Eagles
900 (one nine fine) Mostly used in Latin Monetary Union mintage (e.g. French and Swiss "Napoleon coin" 20 francs)
834 (20 karat)
750 (18 karat)
625 (15 karat)
585 (14 karat)
417 (10 karat)
375 (9 karat)
333 (8 karat) Minimum standard for gold in Germany after 1884 [5]


999.9 (four nines fine) Ultra-fine silver used by the Royal Canadian Mint for their Silver Maple Leaf and other silver coins
999 (Fine silver or three nines fine) Used in Good Delivery bullion bars and most current silver bullion coins
980 Common standard used in Mexico ca.1930 - 1945
958 E.g., Britannia silver
950 E.g., French 1st Standard
925 (Sterling silver)
917 A standard used for the minting of Indian silver(rupees), during the British raj
900 (one nine fine or "90% silver") E.g., all 1792-1964 U.S. silver coins
835 A standard predominantly used in Germany after 1884, and for the minting of coins in countries of the Latin monetary union
833 A common standard for continental silver especially among the Dutch, Swedish, and Germans
830 A common standard used in older Scandinavian silver
800 The minimum standard for silver in Germany after 1884; Egyptian silver; Canadian silver circulating coinage
750 An uncommon silver standard found in older German, Swiss and Austro-Hungarian silver
720 E.g., many Mexican silver coins



999.5 What most dealers would buy as if 100% pure; the most common purity for platinum bullion coins and bars
999 (three nines fine)
950 The most common purity for platinum jewelry
900 (one nine fine)


The karat (not carat as a unit of mass) (symbol: K or kt) (US) or carat (symbol: C) [6][7] is a unit of purity for gold alloys.


Karat purity is measured as 24 times the pure mass divided by the total mass:


Karat conversion:

58.33% - 62.50% = 14k (acclaimed 58.33%)

75.00% - 79.16% = 18k (acclaimed 75.00%)

91.66% - 95.83% = 22k (acclaimed 91.66%)

95.83% - 99.95% = 23k (acclaimed 95.83%)

99.95 and 100 = 24k (acclaimed 99.99%)


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